Solar Battery Solution

Solar Battery Back-Up Solutions

Our experienced energy experts will help determine your household needs and size a battery back-up solution that works for your family.

Solar battery back-up solutions paired with efficient solar panel systems allow homeowners to store unused energy created by the system during the daytime hours. This stored energy can then be used in the evenings hours when electricity prices are higher due to increased demand on the power grid, giving homeowners an option to bypass the new Time Of Use rules and the death of Net Metering. Saving you thousands during the lifetime of the solar battery and home solar system.

Your family can have peace of mind knowing that a solar battery back-up system will keep your home life running seamlessly in the event of extreme wind, a California wildfire, or when the utility company mandates the next power outage in your neighborhood.


Solar Battery Back-Up Solutions


Benefits of a Solar Battery Backup System

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How a Solar Battery Backup System Provides Power When the Grid Can’t
We’ve all been in a situation where we lost power, whether it be due to storms, overexertion, or blown generators. Thankfully, with a solar battery backup system, you don’t have to rely on the grid to supply your home with electricity, saving you from spending time in dark, hot houses during a blackout.

Most homeowners and businesses install solar panels in an effort to reduce energy costs and commit themselves to their environments by using clean, renewable energy sources, but did you know that with a solar battery backup system you can also declare energy independence?

How Does a Solar Battery Backup System Work?
Before you can fully understand the advantages of having a solar system with your own battery backup, you should first know how they work.

Solar batteries store extra energy that your solar panels absorb and save it for later. This comes in handy when your home is capable of producing more electricity than it needs to power itself on a regular basis, sometimes literally “saving it for a rainy day.”

Having a backup battery means that you can operate even when it’s cloudy, it’s nighttime, or the grid has been shut down for whatever reason. You’ll never have to go without power or rely on any other energy source to provide it for you, which is why many solar customers opt for this type of system.

With a solar battery backup system, you don’t have to lose your power just because the grid shuts off, which is one of the benefits of producing your own electricity. In this kind of heat, it’s dangerous for elderly people, children, those who are unable to regulate their own body temperatures, and those who are overweight to go without some kind of cooling method. Losing access to your air conditioning could be life-threatening for some; solar-powered homes could save lives.

Other Benefits of a Battery Backup System:
If you’re not fully convinced, here’s a few more reasons a solar battery backup system can benefit you and your home:

Energy storage = energy security
With your own energy storage comes energy security. No matter what’s happening with the grid, you can rest assured that your home will continue to power itself. The food in your fridge will never go bad again!

No noise
Unlike backup generators that can be loud and distracting, backup batteries are a silent option. You won’t even know it’s there. For those with neighbors close by, sleeping toddlers, or those just looking for some peace and quiet, these are the way to go!

Reduced utility bills
Who doesn’t want to save money? Producing your own electricity will cut back on costs and fees associated with utility companies.

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